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Identifying demand for ugly produce not accepted by retailers

An article in the Atlantic titled “The Murky Ethics of the Ugly-produce business” (January 25, 2019) describes platforms such as Misfits Market and Imperfect Produce that delivers to customers who both are ready to accept the misshapen fruit, care about … Continue reading

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US Food Supply Chain Disruptions due to the pandemic

An article in the McKinsey & Co website titled “US Food Supply Chains: Disruptions and implications from Covid-19” describes the shift in the mix between grocery and food service to serve the US population. With grocery moving from 56% to … Continue reading

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Benefits of customer flexibility during the pandemic

An article in ASCM Insights (https://tinyurl.com/yyneu93x) describes reasons why retail grocery customers might be stockpiling.  The article suggests that retailers should deal with each reason separately, with appropriate steps to reassure customers.    There is also discussion of smaller retailers … Continue reading

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Walmart’s new technology intensive warehouse that is 40% more efficient

An article in finance.yahoo.com titled “Walmart’s grocery warehouse worker of the future will have a STEM background” discussed the new warehouse in Shafter, California that will use automation to get eggs, diary and frozen goods to warehouse employees pick rather … Continue reading

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Should Kohl’s sell Whole Foods products in it’s stores?

An article in Business Insider (March 2, 2018 http://www.businessinsider.com/kohls-could-help-whole-foods-reach-millions-of-new-customers-2018-3) suggests that an alliance between Kohl’s and Whole Foods may provide a winning combination. Last year, Kohl’s started accepting return products for Amazon. Kohl’s has a network of 1,110 stores in … Continue reading

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US Postal service to deliver Amazon groceries between 3 and 7 am

An article in the Wall Street Journal (September 6,2014) titled “U.S. Mail Delivers Amazon Groceries in Test” describes a pilot in which US Mail delivers containers of grocery including meat and dairy in San Francisco. The deliveries take place between … Continue reading

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The “click and collect” grocery model in the UK

An article in the Financial Times (April 21, 2014) titled “WalMart’s English Experiment”, describes “click and collect”, an approach where WalMart owned Asda’s customers in the UK order their grocery online, it is delivered to temperature controlled lockers close to … Continue reading

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Can Instacart’s no inventory solution to grocery delivery work ?

An article in AllThingsD (http://allthingsd.com/20130917/with-webvans-implosion-as-cautionary-tale-instacart-slowly-begins-to-expand-starting-with-chicago/) describes a grocery delivery in San Francisco and Chicago offered by Instacart (https://www.instacart.com/faq), with no warehouses but with delivery from existing grocery retail stores. The company charges $3.99 for orders exceeding $35 with delivery in … Continue reading

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Private Label growth in US grocery retail and branded goods impact

An article in Bloombergbusinessweek (Nov 28,2011) describes grocery retailers like Safeway and Kroger rejuvenating private label products for antibiotic free meat, frozen pizza, pasta etc.  Consultants such as Mckinsey estimate that 75% of customers who try private label brands are … Continue reading

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