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Should Kohl’s sell Whole Foods products in it’s stores?

An article in Business Insider (March 2, 2018 http://www.businessinsider.com/kohls-could-help-whole-foods-reach-millions-of-new-customers-2018-3) suggests that an alliance between Kohl’s and Whole Foods may provide a winning combination. Last year, Kohl’s started accepting return products for Amazon. Kohl’s has a network of 1,110 stores in … Continue reading

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Amazon’s physical store and its link to web data

A news report on NPR (http://www.npr.org/2017/08/15/540076527/be-more-than-a-bookstore-a-brick-and-mortar-shop-s-key-to-success)describes an Amazon store in New York City that sells books but uses data captured on the webstore to suggest related books, offer Amazon prime discounts etc. The physical store thus serves as an extension … Continue reading

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“Drone hives” plan by Amazon for local deliveries ?

An article in USA Today (June 23, 2017) describes a patent awarded to Amazon that describes multi-story warehouses described as drone towers located close to cities. The patent describes these warehouses as locations where packages might be stored prior to … Continue reading

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Amazon’s cashierless grocery store plans

An article in Business Insider (December 6,2016) titled “Amazon’s new grocery store highlights a huge hole in Donald Trump’s promise on jobs” describes plans by Amazon to open thousands of stores where customers can check into the store with their … Continue reading

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Amazon uses trucks to move data to the cloud faster

An article in the Wall Street Journal (November 30, 2016) titled “Amazon Uses Trucks to Drive Data Faster” describes use of a 45 foot shipping container with 100 petabytes of data to move data from a company to the cloud … Continue reading

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Amazon.com’s 43% increase in shipping costs

An article in the Wall Street Journal (October 28 2016) titled “Amazon’s Shipping Costs Likely to Surge With Holiday Orders” describes a 43% increase in shipping costs in the third quarter of this year as reported by Amazon.com. The article … Continue reading

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Amazon’s logistics foray and UPS relationship

An article in the Wall Street Journal (December 23,2015) titled “Amazon Seeks to Ease Ties with UPS” describes the close relationship between the two companies evolving into one where Amazon is attempting to control it’s logistics costs, which increased from … Continue reading

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