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“The Zara Gap” article

In an article in the “Sourcing Journal” (April 24 2015) John Thorbeck describes research with Warren Hausman on the persistent gap in the performance between Zara and other apparel retailers. Their results suggest a profit increase of 28% through adoption … Continue reading

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Does hospital consolidation increase prices or efficiency?

An article in Bloombusinessweek (September 11,2014) describes Partners Healthcare in Boston that is responsible for 28% of physician and hospital visit dollars in Massachusetts and that has seen a 60% increase in prices charged compared to competitors. The company now … Continue reading

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The “click and collect” grocery model in the UK

An article in the Financial Times (April 21, 2014) titled “WalMart’s English Experiment”, describes “click and collect”, an approach where WalMart owned Asda’s customers in the UK order their grocery online, it is delivered to temperature controlled lockers close to … Continue reading

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Amazon’s “Flow” tool and potential impact

An article in the Wall Street Journal titled “Amazon’s Flow Image Recognition beats Barcode Scans” describes an app that enables Amazon’s customers to use their smartphone cameras to identify objects without the need to scan the barcode. This increases the … Continue reading

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Can electric-assisted tricycles use for local deliveries become economical ?

An article in the New York Times (July 7,2013) describes a company, B-Line Sustainable Urban Delivery, that uses electric-assisted tricycles to make local deliveries hauled in a 60 cubic foot cargo box. The company coordinates deliveries in a local area … Continue reading

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