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Bird flu and global poultry supply chain impact

An article in the Wall Street Journal (March 22, 2017) titled “Bird-Flu Outbreak Brings Pain for Poultry Producers in Asia”, describes the emerging cases of H7N9 bird flu in China, with over 140 human deaths in China this year alone, … Continue reading

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The role of logistics competitiveness in Airbus’s Mobile, Alabama assembly plant decision

A New York Times article (September 18, 2015) titled “First US Airbus Factory Gives Wings to Revival in Mobile, Alabama” describes parts being flown in from Europe for assembly of the A321 jet in the Mobile plant. But the article … Continue reading

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Consumer expectations regarding Ethical Behavior by Companies and associated trust issues

An article in the Sustainable Brand newsletter (http://tinyurl.com/companytrust) describes a study by Princeton Survey Research Associates that claims that 96% expect companies to behave ethically, 90% expect a focus on protecting the environment and 76% expect companies to limit their … Continue reading

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Japanese Industry and TPP

An opinion piece ¬†on August 7, 2015 in the Japan Times ( http://www.japantimes.co.jp/opinion/2015/08/07/editorials/setback-tpp-talks/#.VeNfiPlVikp) describes Japanese worries about the TPP pact. The Trans-Pacific Partnership, involving 12 countries with $ 28 trillion in GDP, will involve changes to how Japan assists some … Continue reading

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John Oliver’s plea to apparel firms about their supply chains

A recent program aired by John Oliver in “Last Week Tonight” (first aired Sunday, April 26 2015) on HBO focused on the link between the demand for inexpensive trendy clothes and associated supply chains. He focused on examples where products … Continue reading

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Apple’s efforts on conflict free tantalum procurement

An article published by the Financial Times titled “Apple to name and shame suppliers of conflict minerals” (February 13, 2014) describes Apple’s “supplier responsibility” report. Given the Dodd-Frank bill’s requirement to track use of conflict materials, Apple plans to use … Continue reading

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Will suspending trade privileges for Bangladesh improve local enforcement of working conditions ?

An article in the New York Times (June 28, 2013) describes the US administration’s plan to suspend trade privileges for Bangladesh because the country has permitted safety violations and not enforced labor rights, particularly for the apparel manufacturing industry. The … Continue reading

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