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US Food Supply Chain Disruptions due to the pandemic

An article in the McKinsey & Co website titled “US Food Supply Chains: Disruptions and implications from Covid-19” describes the shift in the mix between grocery and food service to serve the US population. With grocery moving from 56% to … Continue reading

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Drones for material handling in plants and warehouses

A video posted in (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rG3Frwaa47E) shows the use of drones for indoor material handling being planned by Qimarox. ┬áThe video shows the benefits of using the third dimension and thus relieving the constraints of aisles for warehousing equipment. ┬áThe direct … Continue reading

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The role of logistics competitiveness in Airbus’s Mobile, Alabama assembly plant decision

A New York Times article (September 18, 2015) titled “First US Airbus Factory Gives Wings to Revival in Mobile, Alabama” describes parts being flown in from Europe for assembly of the A321 jet in the Mobile plant. But the article … Continue reading

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Flexible Outfits – Swiss Army Knife like transformations

An article in the New York Times (January 20, 2011, E2) describes designers like Donna Karan, JNBY and Calvin Tran who have developed designs that can be worn as “a poncho, a dress, a kimono or a hooded cape” as … Continue reading

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