Monthly Archives: October 2016’s 43% increase in shipping costs

An article in the Wall Street Journal (October 28 2016) titled “Amazon’s Shipping Costs Likely to Surge With Holiday Orders” describes a 43% increase in shipping costs in the third quarter of this year as reported by The article … Continue reading

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Self Driving Truck Hauls beer 120 miles in Colorado

An article on October 25, 2016  in ( describes a trip made by an autonomous truck powered by Otto that carried 51, 744 cans of beer 120 miles in Colorado. The trip was planned and the truck was surrounded … Continue reading

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Will Sweden’s proposed tax breaks for repair and reuse of products improve outcomes ?

An article in the Guardian (September 19, 2016) titled “Waste not, want not: Sweden to give tax breaks for repairs” describes a plan to cut value added tax for repairs of bicycles, clothes and shoes from 25% to 12 % and … Continue reading

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