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The logistics of organ transplants – supply but inefficient distribution

An essay in the Wall Street Journal by David Weill titled ‘Supply Isn’t the problem with Organ Transplants” (December 6, 2019), describes the increased supply of organs in the US but an inefficient distribution of the organs to patients who … Continue reading

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Amazon’s logistics foray and UPS relationship

An article in the Wall Street Journal (December 23,2015) titled “Amazon Seeks to Ease Ties with UPS” describes the close relationship between the two companies evolving into one where Amazon is attempting to control it’s logistics costs, which increased from … Continue reading

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The role of logistics competitiveness in Airbus’s Mobile, Alabama assembly plant decision

A New York Times article (September 18, 2015) titled “First US Airbus Factory Gives Wings to Revival in Mobile, Alabama” describes parts being flown in from Europe for assembly of the A321 jet in the Mobile plant. But the article … Continue reading

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Delivery, fashion tips, payment collection and returns by Lamoda’s couriers

An article in Bloombergbusinessweek titled “Where the Deliveryman Gives Fashion Advice” (February 10, 2014), describes the ecommerce website Lamoda in Russia. The internet fashion retailer offers home delivery of fashion that customers can try on and decide within 15 minute … Continue reading

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Can Uber be a hyper-local logistics provider ?

An article in Fortune magazine (October 7,2013) describes the capability of Uber, the taxi app software provider whose main capability rests on the algorithms that enable its drivers to remain utilized by matching the dynamics of the spatial demand and … Continue reading

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Shipping HP computers by rail from China to the Netherlands

An article in the New York Times (July 21, 2013) describes Hewlett Packard’s shipment of computers, produced in Chongqing to Oostrum in the Netherlands. The trip takes 21 days, compared to 5 weeks by sea, and is cheaper than air … Continue reading

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Planning the impact of fog, snow and rain at UPS to prevent delivery delays

A Wall Street Journal article (Dec 23, 2011) describes the 120 million packages delivered by UPS in the week of Dec 25, with late shipments creating costs between $5 and $ 30. UPS claims that its monitoring of the weather … Continue reading

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Otis decides to return manufacturing to an American plant

A Wall Street Journal (Oct 6, 2011) report describes a decision by Otis to move production from Mexico to South Carolina. Reasons cited include (a) 70 % of its customers will be closer to the new plant, (b) Freight and … Continue reading

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