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Tesla’s request to suppliers for assistance and associated impact

An article in the Wall Street Journal (Tuesday, August 21, 2018) titled “Some Suppliers Worry About Tesla” quotes suppliers claiming that Tesla is delaying payments and demanding cash back. They cite that Tesla is now paying production related suppliers 95% … Continue reading

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Apple’s efforts on conflict free tantalum procurement

An article published by the Financial Times titled “Apple to name and shame suppliers of conflict minerals” (February 13, 2014) describes Apple’s “supplier responsibility” report. Given the Dodd-Frank bill’s requirement to track use of conflict materials, Apple plans to use … Continue reading

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How can garment factory fires be prevented by retailers ?

An article in the New York Times (December 10,2012) describes the fires that have killed 400 people in two fires, one each in Bangladesh and Pakistan. The Bangladesh supplier was dropped by Walmart for not passing audits, but made the … Continue reading

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