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MicroHospitals and fast service by St Vincent in Indiana

An article in IndyStar ( describes a micro-hospital by St Vincent in Noblesville, Indiana. These micro-hospitals are around 60,000 sq ft, cost $12 million, have seven emergency rooms including one for trauma, four in patient rooms and eight overnight beds. … Continue reading

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Ecommerce custom furniture by MaidenHome

An ecommerce company ( offers customizable furniture, free delivery within six weeks, lifetime warranty, 30 day money back guarantee and prices around $2000 for furniture that would otherwise cost $6000.¬† They claim that working directly with craftsmen in North Carolina … Continue reading

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Not enough new iPhones, strategy or supply chain challenge?

An article in the Wall Street Journal titled “Why There Are Never Enough New iPhones” (September 18, 2017) describes the new iPhones launched in September 2017 as being available only in November, with possible delivery delays. The introduction if many … Continue reading

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Logistics for Houston residents – should evacuate, or stay, have been the strategy ?

An article in ( describes the decision made by the Mayor of Houston to request that the 6.5 million residents stay in their houses during Hurricane Harvey’s touchdown, rather than evacuate, and be potentially stuck on roads due to … Continue reading

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Choosing queues to minimize wait time

An article in the New York Times (September 7,2016) titled “How to pick the Fastest Line at the Supermarket” describes how choosing a line with one person with 100 items may be faster than a line with four people with … Continue reading

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The productivity benefit of tiny wireless in TSA queues

An article in the Wall Street Journal (August 16, 2016) titled “How Tiny Wireless Tech Makes Workers More Productive”¬†describes use of wireless tracking in a test in Atlanta to speed up security screening by Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Passengers place … Continue reading

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The impact of California’s rules for a “Made in USA” label

An article in the Wall Street Journal (October 1, 2014) titled “‘Made in USA” Spurs Lawsuits” describes the California Law that even one rivet in a product with such a label that is not made in the USA constitutes false … Continue reading

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The impact of a US bill requiring 75% of US food aid to be shipped on American vessels

An article in the New York Times (April 24, 2014) titled “Provision could limit US Food Aid” describes a Coast Guard spending bill that requires “75% of US food aid to be shipped on US owned vessels”. The impact is … Continue reading

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“Anticipatory Shipping” ideas from Amazon

An article in the CBS News website ( titled “Amazon files patent for anticipatory shipping” provides an outline of the idea. The key is that goods would be shipped out before the customer places the order so that the deliveries … Continue reading

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China to Stockpile Rare Earth Metals, should the US do so too ?

A Wall Street Journal article (February 7,2011) describes plans by the Chinese Ministry of Land and Resources to build reserves of rare earth metals in order to protect their industries, impact pollution and manage the supply and demand relationship for … Continue reading

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