Japanese Industry and TPP

An opinion piece  on August 7, 2015 in the Japan Times ( http://www.japantimes.co.jp/opinion/2015/08/07/editorials/setback-tpp-talks/#.VeNfiPlVikp) describes Japanese worries about the TPP pact. The Trans-Pacific Partnership, involving 12 countries with $ 28 trillion in GDP, will involve changes to how Japan assists some of its industries.  The rice industry has been protected in Japan in the past as have beef and pork – under TPP the rice quota for imports will have to be raised and tariffs for beef and pork eliminated. In addition, the secrecy associated with the negotiation has created worries about the final version of the pact, even if it balances all of the interests across the group. Should such industry specific protections be accepted in return for the greater opportunity offered across all industries for the Japanese economy ? How might local Japanese products be offered an opportunity to compete against the anticipated price competition from imports ? Could unique features, labeling and packaging, as well as freshness considerations enable local Japanese production to remain competitive and even expand in the global TPP market ?

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