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Malaysia, the Malacca Straits, Slavery and TPP

An article in the Huffington Post (May 26, 2015) titled “Why the US is Desperate to OK Slavery in Malaysia”, describes the logistical importance of the Strait of Malacca located between Malaysia and Indonesia and through which 60% of global … Continue reading

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Canada’s Supply Management Policy and TPP

An article in Business News Network (http://www.bnn.ca/News/2015/6/26/3-things-to-know-about-the-Trans-Pacific-Partnership.aspx) reports on the impact of the TransPacific Partnership (TPP) pact being negotiated between 12 countries on supply management approaches used for milk, cheese and eggs. Under supply management, the Canadian government controls the … Continue reading

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Will suspending trade privileges for Bangladesh improve local enforcement of working conditions ?

An article in the New York Times (June 28, 2013) describes the US administration’s plan to suspend trade privileges for Bangladesh because the country has permitted safety violations and not enforced labor rights, particularly for the apparel manufacturing industry. The … Continue reading

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