Social Networking at P&G to drive sales growth

An article in Bloombergbusinessweek (April 3, 2012) describes Proctor & Gamble’s foray into social networking and its demand impact. A Facebook campiagn for Pepto-Bismol focused on “Celebrate Life” – targeting users of the product on Saturday and Sunday mornings – and driving a 11 % market share growth in 2011. Similarly, a Facebook campaign “Mean Stinks”, sponsored by Sercret deodorant, is a campaign against bullying, that increased page visits by a factor of 25 and sales by 16 %. Will consumer products manufacturer sponsorship of such social media sites enable specific marketing campaigns to drive growth among 25 to 54 year old customers that are synchronized with its supply chain ? At what point will customers tire of the sponsorship messages and merely reward the compay for doing good deeds, thus eliminating the benefit of targeted campaigns ? Will such efforts enable global leveraging of marketing spends or will they remain inherently local, thus requiring a separate campaign in each location aroud the globe ?

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