Unilever’s Sustainability Measures for its Supply Chain

A white paper by Verdantix Ltd (http://www.verdantix.com/uploadedfiles/products/Verdantix%20Unilever%27s%20Strategy%20Leverages%20Value%20Chain%20Influence.pdf) describes specific measures at Unilver e.g., measurement of its environmental impact per unit of consumer usage i.e., per tea bag or per dose of detergent, with a goal to decrease that impact by 50 % between 2008 and 2020. The company also aims to move to 100% of its agricultural raw material sourced from sustainable or recycled sources by 2020. Finally total emissions across its global plants are expected to show a 5 % decrease per year – requiring significant improvements in its European plants to compensate for energy sources in developing economies. Are such supply chain wide sustainability efforts easier for global corporations like Unilever with its global footprint and thus access to a portfolio of choices ? Should one expect these changes to be driven by philathropic concerns or profit motives ? Do you expect such initiatives be be required to retain Unilever’s customer base or are they driven by anticipated compliance requirements ?

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