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Fingerlings – the miniature monkey toy best seller during the 2017 Holiday season

An article in BBC.COM (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-42374523) describes the Fingerling – an animatronic toy made by a Hong Kong based Canadian company, WowWee. The article describes the early launch in the UK and Canada, and an internet buzz on social media that … Continue reading

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The many reasons for Christmas delivery delays by UPS

An article in Supply Chain Digest (Jan 6, 2014) available at (http://www.scdigest.com/ontarget/14-01-06-2.php?cid=7717) discusses reasons for the delivery delays of Christmas orders handled by UPS. While UPS anticipated an 8% increase in shipment volume, and added 55,000 employees and 23 aircraft, … Continue reading

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