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The Jones Act and Puerto Rico relief delivery costs

An article in the Wall Street Journal (September 26,2017) titled “Second-Class Puerto Rico” claims that given the Jones Act (which requires “use of vessels built, majority owned and operated by Americans” to transport between US ports i.e., US to Puerto … Continue reading

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The Mad Max Economy and supply chains

An article in the New York Times (November 11,2012) describes the Mad Max Economy that focuses on the impact of bad events such as Hurricane Sandy – when generators,kerosene heaters, radios, batteries, candles and industrial fans see demands soar. But … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey ports and retail supply chain impact

An article in the Wall Street Journal (November 3, 2012) describes power supply issues at the ports in New Jersey causing diversions of inbound ships to Norfolk and other locations. But shipping to Dubai from New York costs $ 3000 … Continue reading

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