Drones for material handling in plants and warehouses

A video posted in (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rG3Frwaa47E) shows the use of drones for indoor material handling being planned by Qimarox.  The video shows the benefits of using the third dimension and thus relieving the constraints of aisles for warehousing equipment.  The direct flight between points also reduces the constraints on location of kitted components. Will drones provide the productivity and flexibility demanded for light weight kitting ? Will ecommerce warehouses be potential users, particularly for cosmetics, pharma and computer components ? How will drones compete with robots and how should warehouse management systems plan to be integrated with drones for efficient order picking ?

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2 Responses to Drones for material handling in plants and warehouses

  1. Ryan P. Case says:

    This will be beneficial for warehouse automation in parallel with other robots, conveyors, and auto sorting. I don’t believe it will be a replacement due to size and payload constraints, but as a compliment it may be a viable means to utilize space (even that which may currently be difficult to utilize) inside or outside a warehouse/distribution center. This would be a great testing ground for UAV/UAS sense and avoid systems, since it appears coordination with the FAA will continue for years to come. The ability to prove UAV/UAS safety and coordination with piloted aircraft is a hot topic!

  2. Interesting! We’ve looked at UAVs outside of the warehouse in logistics, let us know what you think 🙂 http://bit.ly/1DOWaR1

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