Amazon’s Dash button for consumers

An article in The Verge (March 31, 2015) titled “Amazon Has invented tiny plastic buttons that simplify ordering” describes Amazon’s partnership with 18 manufacturers to supply wifi enabled buttons that, when pressed, generate an order through Amazon Prime.  These buttons can be placed close to the location of products or on appliances and thus simplify ordering when required. Will such devices enable manufacturers to build in brand loyalty and avoid the lure of private labels ? Will manufacturers be better off providing supplier agnostic devices that can be set to order from the customer’s preferred retailer ? Should one expect that the required battery replacement will be done by the consumer promptly or will this require repeated mailings of such devices ? Finally, is this the decoupling of ecommerce from the laptop or smartphone to stand alone customized ordering devices ?

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1 Response to Amazon’s Dash button for consumers

  1. Ha, I can just imagine one of my kids “playing” with this button when they find it.

    “No, Amazon, I did not order 1,248 K-Cups. That would be crazy!”

    It is surprising to see another expansion of electronic devices when the move has been towards single device. Couldn’t they do the same thing by scanning a QR code, or is that too many steps?

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