TSA’s plans to reduce queues at US airports

An article in the Wall Street Journal (November 14, 2018) titled “”The Struggle to Make Airport Lines a Little Less Awful” Reports that in 2018 only 2.4% of passengers in the top 40 airports waited more than 20 minutes, compared to 4.24% in 2016. However, average wait times in regular lines increased from 5.87 minutes in 2016 to 6.48 minutes in 2018, wait times during peak summer increased 10 to 12 minutes. Travelers using TSA PreCheck waited less than 5 minutes 92.6% of the time. Should the focus be on average time, or on ensuring that PreCheck, which involves paying a fee, has fast service most of the time ? Should investments in technology, such as CT scanners or facial recognition for international arrivals, be justified based on average wait time reduction, or be provided as a service for paying customers who are ready to pay for faster processing ? Should security queue time guaranteed be linked to airline premium customers, with airlines charged for such access ?

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