The Cheesecake Factory and 2.5 % food waste

An article by Atul Gawande in the New Yorker (August 13, 2012) describes the processes used at the Cheesecake Factory restaurant to decrease its food waste to under 2.5 %. These include guest forecasting – which estimates the demand each day based on historical data at the level of individual items. New items are introduced with specific plans regarding production along with other items. Buying in bulk but synchronized to demand prevents wasted product. Given the over 308 items on the menu, forecasting enables a the delicate balance between supply and demand. Can the lessons from the Cheesecake Factory be used to decrease waste in the health care industry ? Can the make to order strategy of individual meals be the secret to decreased waste ? Can the lessons from the Cheescake factory be used by families to decrease wasted food – estimated to be over 25 % ?

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