Llama and guano dung fertilizer in Peru

In a talk at the Northeast Conference on Andean Archeology (Andover, Oct 15, 2011), Professor Paul Szpak described the dung of guano birds and llamas and their role as fertilizers.  The guano dung has 11% nitrogen, while the llama dung has 2% nitrogen content. Guanos and  their frequent dung creation creates distributed mountains of dung.  But llamas are social animals that create communal dung piles that can be collected efficiently.  These animals and birds are living factories producing fertilizers for the Andean people.  How should these natural manufacturers be developed into modern supply chains? As the clamor for organic products increases, should industrial manufacturers explore such alternatives? Will conservation efforts in this case mesh well with agricultural imperatives and enable a higher product value for the end consumer?

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