Financing sustainability driven retrofits and thus manufacturing growth

An article in the New York Times (Sept 19, 2011) describes a new consortium, including Lockheed Martin and Barclays bank, that will finance retrofits of buildings to decrease energy costs, cutting energy use and utility bills by 33 %.  Building owners would pay for the upgrades through surcharges on property bills that will be lower than the energy savings.   Coordinated by a nonprofit, the Carbon War Room, these initiatives will require new windows, doors, insulation, lighting and mechanical systems, solar panels etc.  Lockheed martin is expected to do engineering tasks for large projects. Do you expect such financing arrangements to be game changer in the industry’s attempts to decrease energy costs ? Should manufacturers of capital equipment become part of such solutions to drive product demand ? Should utilities be part of the consortium because of the associated reduction in their own (power plant) capacity needs ?

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