Royal weddings, product design and manufacturing

An article in the New York Times (May 5,2011) describes how Pippa Middleton’s (Kate’s sister) gown (worn during the British wedding celebration of William and Kate)  inspired the company Faviana as well as David’s Bridal to create versions for the mass market. In Faviana’s case, a design prototype was created by the end of the day, followed by paper patterns, fabric selection and more prototypes. A few days later design details and trims were sent to a manufacturer in New York to produce up to 3000 units which would then sell for about $ 320.  The design time frame was 2 days, manufacturing and distribution ot retail within 12 weeks.   Has the global supply chain enables this speed of response ? Does the New York manufacturer have an edge for these quick response manufacturing and if so, what capability does the company and its employees need to have ? Since this is a one season (potentially) product, could the company trade off  product durability for speed of response and if so, how does the design change ?

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