Opening a US plant to make candles

A Wall Street Journal article (May 5, 2011) describes the travails of Chesapeake Bay Candle as they tried to open a plant in the US. Candles face a 108.3 % inport duty and thus only 20 % of their volume is imported. In addition, the increased need for next day shipment to retailers demands local production to order.  But Chesapeake Bay Candle claims that their efforts to open a US plant have taken more than 13 months and over 30 % of the costs have been related to “code compliance”, the result of a set of overlapping rules that have not been streamlined.  Should there be an effort to streamline rules and decrease compliance costs – and if so who should lead such efforts ? Should local economic development officials offer a “concierge” service to attract manufacturing jobs ? Which other industries do you think expect to have such “onshoring” opportunities ?

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