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Using Real time truck fleet data to decrease fuel costs

An article in Bloombergbusinessweek (Sept 12-18, 2011) describes used by the 10,000 fleet US Xpress trucking company. By adjusting truck temperatures during a driver 10 hour break to be 70 degrees the first two hours and 78-79 degrees after, the … Continue reading

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US Solar panel producer closes MA plant

An article in the International Herald Tribune (January 15,2011) describes closure of the MA plant of Evergreen Solar – that shifted production to a plant in China.   The article reports that company had plans to decrease its costs from $ … Continue reading

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Speed vs Screening for Air Cargo

A New York Times article (Page 1, Nov 2,2010) describes plans by the US administration to demand potentially 100 % screening of air cargo.  But the question is whether such screening should apply to the 80 % of air cargo … Continue reading

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India Supply Chain Costs of 12 % of GDP

A recent report (http://www.moneylife.in/article/4/8786.html) summarizes the CII report on “Global Competitiveness of Retail Strategies”. It lists India’s supply chain inefficiencies as costing the country over $ 65 billion each year and supply chain costs of 12-13 % as compared to … Continue reading

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