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Auto Demand and supply mismatch worries impact platinum prices

An article in the Wall Street Journal (September 29, 2014) titled “Platinum Skids on Car-Demand Worries” describes the recent price drop for platinum and traces the volatility of prices of the metal recently.  A strike in a South African mine … Continue reading

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Toyota’s Toyotag and engaging consumers

A New York Times article (August 2, 2011) describes Toyota’s use of Toyotags – a “logo inside a ring” that permits customers with smartphones to get specific product information from the mobile bar code, but also permits use of a … Continue reading

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“Better Place” battery swapping stations in Denmark and the future of EVs

An article in the New York Times (July 29, 2011) describes recently opened battery swapping stations by “Better Place” in Denmark. Oweners of electric vehicles lease batteries and drive into swap stations to replece batteries. A robot operated device removes … Continue reading

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