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The productivity benefits from Amazon ‘s Kiva robots

An article in Quartz (http://qz.com/709541/amazon-is-just-beginning-to-use-robots-in-its-warehouses-and-theyre-already-making-a-huge-difference/) claims that the “click to ship” time at Amazon has decreased from 60-75 minutes with human operators to 15 minutes using Kiva robots. In addition, with robots, warehouse inventory can increase by 50%, thus decreasing … Continue reading

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Does WalMart gain by not selling Kindles ?

An article in the New York Times (September 20, 2012) describes WalMart’s decision to stop selling Amazon’s Kindles once its inventory runs out. Retailers are concerned about customers browsing for online prices while in the store and buying products online. … Continue reading

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Can faster delivery help Amazon.com compensate for state sales tax collection ?

An article in the New York Times (September 15,2012) describes the rapid pace of new warehouses opened by Amazon.com to hold inventory close to customers and cut a day out of shipping time. Next day or same day delivery will … Continue reading

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Amazon requesting some of its sales tax back from California cities

An article in the Wall Street Journal (May 31, 2012) describes a request by Amazon, which recently agreed to collect sales taxes for purchases soon, to get back some of the sales tax as an incentive. The company claims that … Continue reading

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