Is V-commerce by Fanatics the future of retail?

An article in Fortune (September 1, 2018) titled “Licensed to Thrill”, describes the company Fanatics that has exclusive rights to sell professional basketball and football clothing. The company describes V-commerce as a combination of manufacturing, logistics and technology capacity. Fanatics orchestrates delivery product for sale online within hours of an athletes choice of team, manages retail stores and the unique intellectual property of player content. Will the future of retail require such execution to remain relevant? Will Amazon and Walmart be expected to compete for such content? How can manufacturing speed be used by retailers to compete?

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1 Response to Is V-commerce by Fanatics the future of retail?

  1. Kyle Harshbarger says:

    This is a great example of specialization to differentiate. Amazon and Wal-Mart sell more standardized athletic products.

    Once we see product maturity where mass production is cheap and margins are low, customization and boutique products grow. Beer is a good example of this, and Fanatics has a process to capture a lot of this post-mature market share.

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