WalMart tests blockchain technology to track food and enable targeted recalls

An article in Bloomberg Technology (November 18, 2016) titled “Wal-Mart Tackles Food Safety With Trial of Blockchain” describes tests of a packaged produce item in the USA and pork in China using blockchain technology to track the supply chain across growers, distributors and retail location. The company claims that such tracking will enable targeted recalls of potentially contaminated packages rather than disposing off all of the produce in the absence of tracking information. The blockchain, designed to enable independent ledger entries that are difficult to change, is said to enable trustworthiness in the associated supply chain tracking. Will the cost reductions due to the ease of tracking be distributed across the supply chain ? How will smaller growers pay for the costs to provide all the associated detailed data, will they get paid to provide traceable produce ?  will such tracking enable customers to learn more about growing conditions and thus increase the confidence in the agricultural supply chain ?

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