Hatchimals – the 2016 toy in demand

An article in the Wall Street Journal (December 13, 2016) titled “Hatch me if you can:Hunt for Hatchimals Goes Global” describes the 2016 hit toy wonder, the Hatchimal, a toy that hatches from an egg and is a walking toy bird.  With WalMart and Target stores facing long lines for the $59.99 toy, the manufacturer, Spin Master Corp, is now flying in the toys by air from China to meet demand.  The article cites the toy as a global hit in 11 countries thus causing parents to search across the globe for retail locations, even as reseller prices rise.  The rising demand has created a new supply chain entity, the toy hunter, who searches the globe to find the toy and charges a finders fee.   What can be done to anticipate and satisfy such demand surges during Christmas ? Can domestic automated manufacturing help satisfy this demand ?

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