The rising role of Supply Chain Finance

An article in the Harvard Business Review by Rogers et al (“The Rise of FinTech in Supply Chains, June 22, 2016) describes the increased role of payments processing across a supply chain. They describe the flexibility for suppliers to access a payment network, run by new companies such as Orbian and Prime Revenue or traditional banks such as Citigroup or Deutsche bank, that connect partners in a supply chain.  Suppliers can choose to tradeoff timing of access to cash against financing of that early payment at the buyer’s cost of borrowing, thus improving efficiency across the supply chain. Will buyers demand even lower supplier prices given the access to lower buyer borrowing costs ? Would you also expect where supplier borrowing costs are lower and that buyers access the system to stretch out payments using supplier terms ?  How would quality issues, and the threat of payment withholding, be operationalized in such systems ?

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