Will the global package business model offered by “manyship.com” be sustainable ?

The website http://www.manyship.com describes a system in which individual travelers post their planned trip, shippers post their requirements and the available capacity is assigned to carry products between destinations. The company charges shippers $20 per pound and pays carriers $10 per pound. Manyship plans is to capitalize on the fact that many air travelers do not use up their baggage capacity, thus enabling them to get paid to carry 50 pounds or more per trip and earn up to $500.  Should manyship be considered the uberX for air travel, enabling better capacity utilization and thus lower costs to move small packages ? Will the liability considerations associated with this model cause carriers to withhold capacity and thus doom this model ? Is this model competitive because it shifts the cost for transport, customs clearance and responsibility for claiming the goods as personal rather than business merchandise shifted to the individual carrying the product ?  

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