Retail Inventory of “Doc McStuffins” toys and impact

An article in Bloombergbusinessweek titled “This Christmas, Disney’s Doctor is In” (December 9, 2013) describes the quadrupling of retail shelf space for the Disney Toy Doc McStuffins – a toy girl that fixed broken toys, has a medical doctor mother and a stay at home dad. The article reports stores running out of the toy last Christmas, with sales on Ebay of the toy fetching more than double its $10 retail price. But Disney has also added new accessories such as beds, band-aids and checkup kits targeted at boys to boost demand. Does the rising retail inventory suggest that the toy will be the big seller this Christmas or that retailers will push it strongly and thus make it one ? Does the reaction to last year’s demand across retailers suggest a competitive response that may cause them to suffer if the “build and they will not come” outcome prevails ?

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2 Responses to Retail Inventory of “Doc McStuffins” toys and impact

  1. Since this is a TV show on Disney, I would think they have ratings numbers to help this decision instead of just guessing with push marketing…

  2. KJones says:

    Doc McStuffins is a staple in my household, and the toys were on both of my boys’ Christmas lists. I don’t see it as a “build it and they will come strategy”. The ratings support the retail attention and the variety in toy options will help to decrease the perception that Doc McStuffins caters only to girls. Disney released a number of new shows in the past year and a half, and Doc has been the most successful to date.

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