The emerging “internet of things” and opportunities

An article in WIRED magazine (June 2013) describes the emerging internet enabled devices across homes, factories, cities etc. They predict three stages – Stage 1 links devices to the internet, Stage 2 enables conditional actions (If-Then actions) between pairs of devices (such as a GPS on a phone alerting its presence to a retailer), Stage 3 would have a network of these internet enabled devices following rules of engagement with each other, autonomously, even enabling a network presence customized to the system’s human occupants. The article claims that these capabilities will unleash new business opportunities to enable efficiency, improve quality of life, reduce environmental impacts etc. How will supply chains leverage such logic to improve their performance ? Will software providers sell homeowners customized software logic to enable different levels of “quality of comfort” with associated monthly costs ? Will devices more to a “pay per use” mode of sales with ownership retained by the manufacturer ?

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