Federal labeling standards for GMO foods ?

An article in the New York Times (January 31,2013) describes a move by food manufacturers and retailers like Wal-Mart to urge the FDA to propose labeling standards for food. Their reason, proposed state level labeling initiatives by 20 states. In addition, brands like Ben and Jerry which are moving to eliminate all GMO (genetically modified) ingredients, but are owned by Unilever, want to convince their customers of their organic reputation. Will standard Federal labeling and its possible sourcing cost impact be lower than the cost of producing items to comply with independent state level laws ? Will the current mix of costs for GMO and organic ingredients for items such a cereal be forced to increase as labeling laws are enforced? Will the existence of nonGMO foods enable the risk of an exports collapse, due to European enforcement of GMO ingredient laws, to be alleviated by national labeling standards ?

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