Gas shortages in New York following hurricane Sandy and reasons

An article in the New York Times (November 10,2012) describes the continued shortages of gas in New York. Should the solution be left to the free market (i.e., let prices rise), or should the government step in with odd even license plates accessing gas to smooth out the process? Is the elimination of the New York State energy office the problem ? Or is the lack of jursidiction over the Linden, NJ pipeline link that provides gas to New York from other parts of the country, which was danaged severely, the problem ? Is the lack of electricity, which made the punps difficult to operate, the source of the bottleneck ? Should pumps have a manual option or a battery powered option or is the hurricane such a rare event that such options should be considered overekill? Is the demand for gas linked to the subway being shut down or sporadic, the demand leveling off as public transport comes back online ?

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