Should natural gas filling stations be subsidized ?

An article in the New York Times (June 21, 2012) describes the abundant availability and low prices of natural gas, even though it could provide a cheaper, less polluting alternative to oil if available widely. A move to enable natural gas distribution through tax breaks for infrastructure was opposed by the chemical industry which feared it would cause high input prices. Should higher gas prices be treated as a cost increase to chemical companies and thus not be improved ? Should consumers be encouraged to fill gas containers from their gas pipes with subsidies on the equipment ? How should the government balance social goals and individual impact ?

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1 Response to Should natural gas filling stations be subsidized ?

  1. Why not? The easiest way to pay for them would be cut ethanol subsidies.
    NG is readily available at homes, it is the “on the road” factor that would have to be dealt with for subsidies. I have enough personal incentive to add my own gas station at my house.

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