A shift from camel to colorful jeans

An article in the Wall Street Journal (May 31, 2012) describes the shift in the color palette from camel, six months ago, to mango, neon pink, purple, red etc. The new trend has customers shifting to color and thus buying new accessories – shoes, scarves, blouses etc. Even men’s jeans have started introducing green – with sales for demins in the US growing 2.7 % and prics rising 7.5 %. The trend was reported to have started last year and become mainstream this year. Will the colorful extravganza be followed by muted colors next year, to keep demand growing ? Or will trend continue next year with color variations across Fall ? Or will it be back to the usual blue denim ? How will the global supply chain adjust to such fashion shifts – will local US manufacturing become more attractive to ride these trends ?

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