Possible reasons for Microsoft to invest in the Nook – Barnes & Noble’s ereader

An announcement of Microsoft’s investment in the Nook, Barnes & Noble’s ereader, was described in an article in the New York Times (May 1, 2012). But there are many possible reasons for this investment. Does the use of the Microsoft Windows software enable the Nook to compete more effectively with the Kindle, which used Google’s Android operating system. Does the Nook enable Windows to push its Windows 8 out to more ereaders and tablets and thus compete with Google more effectively?. Or is the funding of the Nook by Microsoft, a way for Barnes & Noble to compete in the books market with Amazon ? Or is the real possible goal for Barnes & Noble to get in the textbook market and compete against Apple for publisher attention ? Or will Microsoft be getting into the hardware business of ereaders to compete wit Apple ?

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