The forest food chain and noise pollution

An article in the New York Times (March 26, 2012) describes the impact of noise pollution on the forest food chain consisting of pinyon pine trees and their pinyon nuts, scrub jays, mice and hummingbirds. Noise pollution seems to drive away scrub jays, that help propagation of pinyon pine by storing their nuts for future consumption. The uneaten hidden nuts provide the seeds for new trees. But, in the absence of jays, mice eat up all the pinyon nuts thus hurting the pinyon tree propagation. But his causes hummingbirds to flourish. Should the impact of noise pollution consider the consequent population imbalance ? Since any choice of acceptable noise pollution impacts the balance of plants and animals, should the current mix be regarded as the desirable standard ? How should companies be incented to endogenize the impact of the noise they generate ?

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