WRAP certification and supplier competitiveness

An article in the Sourcing Journal (https://www.sourcingjournalonline.com/wrap-surge-demand-compliance-certification-emerging-asian-markets) describes the increasing demand for WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited production) from suppliers in Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and Pakistan, in addition to China. As OEMs are forced to certify their supply chains, suppliers with WRAP certification can use it to lower costs for many buyers, thus increasing their global competitiveness. Are private certification entities like WRAP the solution to the supplier certification problem ? Should world bodies, like the UN, sponsor ISO like certifications for supplier plants ? Should the OEMs demand their own level of certification to reflect the perspectives of their end customers and associated price points ?

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  1. The perspective of the customer and price points are important for quality purposes, sales, consistent availability but may not reflect environmental impact or resource depletion for example. Take the popularity of oversize SUVs. Consumers loved theses behemoths, auto manufacturers cranked them out and oil/gas prices are now higher than they may have been if that demand had not been so great.

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