Ebooks, publishers and libraries – what is the coordinating contract ?

An article in the New York Times (Dec 25, 2011) describes worries by publishers reagrding ebooks sold to libraries. The ease of borrowing, and the absence of a return trip to the library for ebooks, makes the process frictionless and thus may hurt purchases if books from the publisher. The current solutions by publishers, (a) no sales of ebooks to libraries, (b) selll only old ebook titles,(c) a dcision by HarperCollins to restrict ebook borrowing to 26 times before it expires and requires the library to purchase a new copy. Publishers cannot come together to generate industry wide agreements due to antitrust concerns.  How should the ebook supply chain be coordinated across these participants ? Should customers be required to return to the library or deposit location and swipe a physical device to obtain and return ebooks, to simulate the costs for physical book borrowing ?

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