Ebooks more expensive than paper ?

An article in the Wall Street Journal ( Dec 15, 2011) describes a decision by book publishers to dictate retail prices for ebooks, with retailers requiring permission before discounting. Given that used paper book prices are set by market trends, ebook prices are now close to new paper copies, and more expensive than used books. In addition, ebooks cannot be resold, thus preventing resale. Given the increased availability of ereaders, will the new supply chain control by publishers drop their overall sales as against a system where retailers set prices ? Will publishers be more focused on preventing ebook piracy than retailers ? What is this control vaies by country, will it cause leakage and thus loss of supply chain control for publishers ?

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1 Response to Ebooks more expensive than paper ?

  1. Gary Bell says:

    They aren’t always more expensive, but there are cases when they are, and not just by a little bit either. Until consumers really think about what e-books should cost ( http://garybell.co.uk/tech/what-should-e-books-cost ) then publishers will try and pull one over on us.

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