Evolving landfills into alternate energy sources

A CNN video (http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2011/11/30/javaheri-landfill-solar-methane.cnn) describes a landfill in Atlanta that uses a polyester based fabric with solar panels to cover up a landfill. the solar panels generate electricity that is fed to the grid. But the organic waster generates methane, which is trapped inside the fabric, collected and used as natural gas source of energy.  The report claims that there are thousands of such landfills, which have to be maintained by law for 30 years.  Will landfills now become energy sources, attracting industries to locate close to them for cheap energy ?  Given the energy generated from landfills, will waste now become a revenue opportunity for municipalities ? Do these new revenue sources increase or decrease the incentives for recycling products (because more recycling means less in the landfill)?

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  1. Clean Energy says:

    Green energy has come a long way in the last decade, it will only continue to grow in the future. It’s an exciting time for invention.

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