Simple Labels or Comprehensive Nutrient Labels for Food ?

An article in the New York Times (Oct 21, 2011, B3) describes a new proposed food labeling system by the Institute of Medicine. The proposal would list calories per serving and up to three stars. Each star would be for “falling below the threshold for sodium, added sugar or saturated and trans fat”. The proposal aims to simplify food evaluation by consumers. But the Grocery Manufacturers Association claims to offer a “Facts Up Front” plan to list all nutrients and the percent of daily recommended dose the food serving would supply.  Should simplicity of labeling, at the cost of lost detail, and its potential use by consumers be the key to choice of an appropriate label? Should consumers expect GMA members to voluntarily choose a label that might harm sales to some of its members? Should overall societal concerns be the key to government regulators choice of food labeling or should it be consumer  marketing considerations  ?

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