Recyclebank and consumer incentives to recycle

A Wall Street Journal article (March 17, 2011) describes the operation of Recyclebank. The company serves as an interface between consumers and their municipalities by weighing garbage and providing points that can be redeemed by consumers (around $ 150 per year on average) based on their recycle rates.  Municipalities see an impact of 20 to 200 % change in the recycling rates and thus reduced landfill costs – some of these savings are used to pay Recyclebank.  Branded consumer product companies in turn work with the company to reach consumers who are environmentally conscious.  This all makes for an incentive based recycling supply chain. Will such recycling schemes extend beyond household recycling to more proactive consumption elimination ? Will energy companies find a similar scheme to incent consumers to shut off unwanted lights or power down equipment ? Can such schemes incent car drivers to reduce emissions by shutting of engines during idling periods ? How will the supply chain be impacted by such efforts ?

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