Energy, Jobs, Salmon, the river and the Environment

An article in the New York Times (February 20, 2011) describes a tussle between energy and job creation and the river routes of the salmon along the Columbia river.  Companies in Montana want to bring coal by rail line to the river, then use barges to haul the coal to ports for destinations in China.  The routes will follow the salmon and requires locks to be repaired to enable this traffic.  Oil production equipment is expected to be imported back along the route.  The impact on the salmon is championed by environmental interests in the state of Washington and may require companies in Montana to build while avoiding periods when the fish use the river.  How should the impact of dams on the salmon, the environmentally friendly barge use for exports and the job creation in Montana be balanced ? The alternative transport modes for coal from Montana may well make is uncompetitive in the global arena and thus dampen business – but is that cost more reasonable ? Such discussions will become more of the norm as we balance global supply chain competitiveness and environmental concerns.

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