Book “The Docks” focusing on the Los Angeles port

A review of the book “The Docks” by Bill Sharpsteen in the Wall Street Journal (5 February 2011) provides three thought provoking supply chain questions (a) Given the volume of shipments through Los Angeles, and the paucity of security measures, how much trade disruption could be caused if the two million imported containers were impacted by secruity issues at the port ? (b)  Why does the Los Angeles port manage to survive despite being far less productive than other ports around the world ? Should its operations be outsourced to professional (foreign) port managers such as Dubai Ports or Hong Kong operators ? (c) The few shipping lines who operate as oligopolists use their leverage to keep demanding more services at lower costs by playing off ports against each other. Should local governments demand productivity improvements at ports (to match global standards) as an externality to maintain supply chain competitiveness ?

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