“Windmade” product labels – consumer and product impact

An article in the International Herald Tribune (January 28,2011) reports a proposal in the Davos 2011 conference made by clean energy companies to introduce a “Windmade” label consisting of three blue swooshes.  The label will be on products that use wind energy, with standards developed by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.  Lego is the first company to adopt this logo. But other groups, such as the Carbon Trust, also have logos for companies who are working to reduce their carbon footprint.   Would a host of these energy specific labels impact customer preferences ? Should specific forms of energy be identified or should reduction in energy consumption be focused on ? Since the feasibility of wind energy will vary by location (in the US) should SKUs evolve different labels depending on the location of their sales ?

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  1. It is important that the standards for labels on products that use wind energy should be agreed with all companies that develop them in order to provide a clear picture about the real energy savings. Furthermore, both information the specific forms of energy and the reduction in energy consumption should be provided. A more detailed information including the location may not be necessary because it would incur additional costs and make recognition more difficult.

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