U.S.Manufacturing jobs grow 1.2 %

A report in the Wall Street Journal (January 19, 2011) describes a 1.2 % growth in manufacturing jobs in the US in 2010, with a projected increase of 2.5 % in 2011. The article also states that while manufacturing output increased 7.1 %, hours worked grew 3 %, suggesting increased productivity or use of technology.  The reasons for such growth is claimed to be replacing capital equipment, incentives, sustainability initiatives to save energy and relocation of manufacturing to save shipping costs. Examples of increased domestic production include Whirlpool appliances in Ohio, Caterpillar excavators in Texas and Dow chemicals in Michigan.  Will the US, long a demand source, now become competitive again as a manufacturing location – thanks to the weak dollar, a focus on reducing emissions and unpredictable demand ? Will such manufacturing shifts bring along increased product innovation and next generation technologies ?

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