Energy Efficiency for troop tents to save fuel convoys

An Op-Ed piece in the New York Times (January 13,2011) describes the over 1,000 US troops who have been killed on fuel related missions. The author, Steven Anderson, proposes a solution – using foam insulation on the exteriors of bases to improve fuel efficiency by 80 % and thus decrease the fuel convoys required.  The benefit – save a significant amount of the $ 24 billion in fuel cost and save troop lives due to fewer convoys.  A study reported in the piece claims a $ 1 billion saving from a $ 95 million investment in Iraq.  The links between sustainable structures in war zones and the impact on fuel costs and troop lives is an innovative supply chain connection.  Should such calculations – the link between efficiency and costs as well as risk be required computations in the future ? What are other cases where the cost reduction, efficiency and risk reduction go in the same direction ?

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